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Hand & Finger Puppets

Kids' puppets are great fun for kids of all ages - and for adults too as they help children engage in the creativity involved in animating hand puppets, finger puppets, half-body puppets and any of our whole selection of playtime puppets. We've got loads of animal puppets, from lions and tigers to giraffes, monkeys and kangaroos. These animal hand puppets are machine washable Plushpups, fourteen in all, with movable mouths and soft, cuddly bodies.

You'll also find a fun collection of farm animal puppets as well as human characters like the postman, the farmer and the doctor. Monkey Mitts are an adorable prop for story time, with characters stuck to a furry mitt with Velcro. Characters are sold in sets. Try the Three Little Pigs or the Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly. These sets come with rhymes and songs included. These are great creativity stimulators! Buy your wholesale puppets for your students to play with from the leader in childcare, school and daycare supply. Kids love a good show and with our puppets, you can create your own puppet shows for other children and parents.