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PureFUN! Baby Dolls

PureFUN! Baby Dolls for Daycare Centers

PureFUN! baby dolls are perfect for your Childcare facility. Our baby dolls come in 4 nationalities: Caucasian, African American, Asian and Hispanic. partners with the Refugee Sewing Society to offer you hand sewn doll clothing, nightgowns and beanie & blanket sets. All profits from these items go directly to the refugee women who sewed them.

PureFUN! baby dolls are great for daycare centers. In this day and age most social settings including schools, churches and daycares are comprised of people from many different cultures and races. PureFun! baby dolls come in different ethnicities so that your kids can have matching dolls and learn about other races at an early age. Baby dolls are fun for children and help teach responsibility. The fact that the baby dolls come in different ethnicities can also help instill an acceptance of diversity. All of our dolls come with adjustable arms. Don't forget to check out our selection of outfits for your childcare center's dolls.

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