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Baby Doll Clothing

Baby Doll Clothes

There's no question that one of the best parts about having a doll is the baby doll clothes that come with it. Now that your childcare facility is fully stocked with baby dolls, all you need is a wide variety of play doll clothes that your kids can dress them up in. With our selection of newborn doll clothes, the kids in your childcare facility will be free to dress their dolls in any way that they like. With everything including girl and boy doll clothes, career clothes, school clothes and more, there's an outfit for every occasion.

These kids' doll clothes are not only fun, but they are also an effective way to let your child practice his or her individuality at an early age. We all know that having your own doll is equivalent to having a new best friend. Now your child has a new best friend that can help express your kid's unique taste of style and fashion. The best part? They'll never grow out of them!

PureFUN! Baby Doll Clothes

Our baby doll clothing fits our daycare dolls perfectly. Buy several outfits for your childcare center, so that your kids can have fun dressing up their toys. Dressing dolls will help the children in your daycare center learn to dress themselves. We partner with the Refugee Sewing Society to offer you hand sewn doll clothing, nightgowns, and beanie & blanket sets. All profits from these items go directly to the refugee women who sewed them. To find out more about the work of the Refugee Sewing Society, visit here: Refugee Sewing Society.