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Alphabet Puzzles

Alphabet ABC Puzzle Mats

One of the most important things that a child will ever learn is the ABC's. Learning the alphabet is the foundation of learning how to speak and write properly. With a milestone as important as this one, it can be hard to make learning something so important seem fun to a child. With our alphabet foam mats, we offer an interactive way to teach kids their ABCs through a foam letter puzzle. Not only are alphabet puzzles fun, but with a huge foam alphabet puzzle crowding the floor, it'll be almost impossible for kids to forget all the useful information that they've learned. By allowing kids to piece together parts of the ABC puzzle at their pace, they'll be able to create their own learning experience and ingrain it into their memory.

If you're not sure if our ABC puzzles will fit in with your classroom décor, we offer a wide variety of different colors and styles, including everything from classic ABC wooden puzzles to colorful ABC foam puzzles. With this variety of choices, you'll even have a new decoration for your childcare facility!


Alphabet Puzzles

Choose from a wide range of children's alphabet puzzles, including a self-correcting letter puzzle where even two-year-old toddlers can match up the letter with the picture to help get a jump-start on reading and spelling. Whether you're after a bright, bold alphabet puzzle game for kids or a straightforward ABC puzzle that will foster group sharing and incite learning along with fun, we've got some great options. There are no better ways to teach young kids than with fun activities that teach subtly without kids having to sit and read a book all day. These kids' puzzles are great for center time and help with communication and sharing skills.

ABC puzzles for toddlers include this large 52-piece Wonderfoam foam alphabet puzzle set with 10” X 10” foam letter squares that can be used to build mats and various other structures. Other great alphabet puzzle choices include these wooden sound puzzles that make various sounds when the correct puzzle piece is placed in its proper position! Also check out the various floor puzzles, puzzle boards and this bilingual learning puzzle. They're fun and affordable!

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