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Floor Puzzles

Jumbo Floor Puzzles Preschool

When it comes to teaching children, the bigger the picture, the better. We've noticed that when things get boring, nothing makes them more exciting than making them jumbo sized! Our selection of big floor puzzles includes intricate pictures of various scenes, including dinosaurs, ocean animals, outer space, maps and much more in order to familiarize kids with a variety of different subjects. Large floor puzzles are great because they offer a way to get children out of small desks and onto a more liberal platform. This is perfect for childcare settings such as daycares and preschools because it allows children to take a break from traditional methods of learning and caters to a combination of different learning styles.

Whether you're looking for floor puzzles for 3-year-olds or older kids' floor puzzles, these preschool floor puzzles are sure to be a hit in your childcare facility. With foam floor puzzles labeling the states of America to children's floor puzzles depicting the ocean, there's no better way for kids to learn about what they love!

Floor Puzzles for Kids

Floor puzzles are very cool, and the children's floor puzzles in our collection are both fun and educational. Made from heavy-duty cardboard or soft foam, these educational floor puzzles will keep your kids busy for hours. Putting kids' floor puzzles together helps develop problem-solving and sharing capabilities as well as foster manual dexterity and coordination.

Our wholesale floor puzzle selection runs the gamut of educational topics, from maps of the United States and the world to the seasons, the solar system and animals on safari! Other favorites include puzzles of ocean creatures, children of the world, zoo animals and dinosaurs. We've even got floor puzzles for toddlers and a selection of puzzles for older kids, like the skeleton puzzle and the bugs puzzle. Some puzzles, such as the Giant U.S. Puzzle Map (18”X15”) are not meant for children under three years old due to the potential choking hazard of small pieces.

Buy your wholesale Floor Puzzles from the leader in childcare and daycare supply. Childrens floor puzzles for childcare centers are safe and fun. Our childcare floor puzzles not only help young children develop motor skills, but teach hundreds of topics as well. Kids of all ages love giant puzzles. Most large floor puzzles can be used for padding and for the children to sit on as well during reading time. Children can learn ABCs and numbers with giant floor puzzles or they can learn the states from a large floor US map puzzle. Teach them the presidents of the United States as well as world geography.