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Primary Puzzles

Simple Puzzles for Kids

When it comes to teaching toddlers the basics like colors and shapes, the most effective way to get results is by letting them explore at their own pace. With our selection of preschool puzzles, we offer the best puzzles for toddlers to increase their motor and cognitive skills through easy wooden puzzles and other matching activities. Our products include easy puzzles that touch on subjects such as reading time, sorting colors and shapes, and instrument sounds. Unlike most children's puzzles, our toddler puzzles incorporate multiple subjects to enhance the learning experience for children, such as our sound puzzles and shape-sorting clocks.

For younger kids, learning the fundamentals of basic subjects are a great way to get a head start on their education. These basic puzzles will not only prepare your toddlers for higher education, but they'll also help distinguish which learning methods work the best for them. With our selection of educational puzzles, your kids are sure to be aching to learn more.

Buy your wholesale Primary Puzzles from the leader in childcare and daycare supply for young kids to learn basics.