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Science Games

Science Games for Kids

Safe, entertaining and educational, the science games for kids in our collection will capture their attention and teach them important lessons without them even realizing they're being taught. These kids' science games are engaging to children of various ages and can be selected for their appropriateness to specific age groups' such as grades 6-8 ( I Have, Who Has) and grades 3-5 (I Have, Who Has) We even carry preschool science games (Find That Food).

Many of these science games for children revolve around chemistry, biology and physics, while others teach students about animals and the world around them. They can watch as caterpillars turn into butterflies, see root systems develop underground from planted seeds and perform safe chemistry experiments from common kitchen materials. The kids will love these educational science games, and teachers and parents will marvel at how much the kids can learn while having so much fun. Try several different games! Buy your wholesale science Games and projects for your students from the leader in childcare, school and daycare supply. Science Games for churches, daycares, schools, homeschoolers and other childcare centers to teach kids physical science. Science can be a very interesting and exciting subject, but it can also be hard to understand. For this reason, science games have proved to be very beneficial to assist children with their learning. If they did not major in the subject, many parents do not have an in-depth knowledge of science. This can make helping children with their homework or assisting them with studying pretty frustrating for both parents and their children. The use of games can really assist in this area, allowing an opportunity for kids and adults of all ages to learn about science! The Solar System Game is an in-depth, fun way to learn about the different planets. As players advance to different levels, they learn over 200 interesting facts about the solar system. The cards used in this game use actual NASA photography, giving players an accurate learning experience. Another science game that pertains to space is the Planet Quest Game. Players will learn about the moon, planets, asteroids, and more with this board game featuring 132 true or false questions. Parents may be surprised at how much they learn with the interesting facts provided in this exciting game, too! Science Games for your childcare, homeschooling and church youth centers.