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Hello Childcare Operator!

You’re busy every day communicating with teachers, chatting with parents, and making sure kids are cared for well. You bring order to chaos waiting to happen. You take lots of moving parts and make them function together as one unified whole.

You Are a Real Hero.

The last thing you need on your to do list is shopping for daycare supplies.

At PureFUN! Supply, we’ve got just about everything on your shopping list right HERE - and even better, we’ll deliver it straight to your front door. Need juice concentrate, classroom snacks, and gloves? We’ve got it. We also have cleaning supplies to keep your place shiny and sanitized. We even have what it takes to stock your classroom like cribs, preschool furniture, and educational toys.

And here’s something you probably didn’t expect from a daycare supplier!

We have a team of experts that are ready to answer any question you may have about your preschool classroom and daycare equipment so you can stay current with all those state and federal regulations. We can even help you get unstuck in your day to day operations!

We come from a family of daycare operators. We’ve been there. We’ve faced what you’ve faced. We’re committed to help you succeed in any way we can. Also, when you do business with us you help kids around the world get the nutrition and training they need with a loving touch they’ll remember forever through partnership with our non-profit, Better for Kids.

Learn more about how Better for Kids is changing lives around the world.

We’ve made it as easy as we can for you to find what you need as an early childhood education provider. Have questions? Contact us by phone or email and we’ll help you any way we can!

Our History

PureFUN! Juice is the top provider of juice for the daycare industry and is America’s Child Care Supply Expert. It all began with PureFUN! Juice in 1999, but our roots in the childcare industry go back much further. After owning and operating multiple childcare centers for several years, PureFUN! owners, took their insight and understanding of challenges facing today’s professional childcare provider into the world of service and supply.

There’s no doubt that our juice products were a hit from the start. The delicious taste, the wide variety of flavors and cost-effective pricing programs were certainly big parts of the success. If you listen to our customers, it has always been our excellent service that has helped us stand out from the rest. So we expanded our inventory to include a host of cleaning, food, apparel and paper supplies that are an everyday concern for directors.

We are inspired more than ever as we turn our focus to being “Better for Kids”! Our goal is to provide services “Faster, Better, Cheaper”!